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Recipe execution

Recipe execution

Quick and easy recipe editing with a list of variables to choose from. Improved accuracy during recipe execution significantly reducing production time while maintaining high level quality control.


Deployed with different SCADA systems enabling interconnectivity with data from internal information systems.

Production monitoring

Off-site production monitoring during recipe execution, report analysis and real-time tag supervision.

Recipe management

With just a few quick clicks easily edit recipes, burst performance and stabilize operating conditions. Process Pilot includes features which make the entire recipe management effortless and straightforward.

  • Fully customizable, user friendly interface
  • Quick and easy multiple recipe editing
  • Go-to step, Drag-and-drop functionalities
  • Recipe verification by range check tag
  • Filter errors, warnings and messages
  • Print recipe to PDF, Excel, Word


Recipe management

Screen shots

Screenshots of operations

screenshot 1

Main view

screenshot 2

Recipe preview 1

screenshot 3

Recipe preview 2

screenshot 4

Log viewer

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Recipe execution

screenshot 4

Recipe management

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screenshot 4

OPC connection



Software operability

The ProcessPilot works well in a dynamic, interconnected workplace. You can create and edit recipes at a time of your choosing. Time and effort spent on unplanned interventions is significantly reduced.

Quality Increase

Faulty operations performed by operators are detected and almost completely eliminated. Since quality measures are constantly performed, any deviations are registered immediately and counter-measures can be introduced.


Streamline production performance by providing full Repeatability and Reproducibility (R&R) by best operator. Production managers can easily set the optimal process steps and replicate accurate systematic operations performed by operators.

Production planning

The ProcessPilot controls the process in a manner that is both accurate and repeatable. By the predictability of the processing, production planning can be accomplished with greater accuracy and processing time substantially shortened.


Deployed with industry leading SCADA system solutions the ProcessPilot ensures system integration with data from internal information systems.

Analyzer Reports

Reporting modules are available as an additional feature. These include production reports and comparison reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended system requirements for the ProcessPilot recipe system?

Minimum system requirements are a dual core processor, 4GB RAM, 8GB HDD available disk space, Windows 7 or Windows 8 .NET version 4 and DirectX 9. The engine module requires access to OPC servers compatible with DA2 communication standards.

How are critical values monitored?

There is a module providing real-time tag supervision when the recipe is executing. A manual intervention is required before the process can resume the given phase in production. This allows the project manager to have direct overview of the production process specifically in the critical phases.

If I upgrade to the latest version will I still be able to use my current recipes?

ProcessPilot is a user friendly and intuitive system. The upgrade process is simple and straightforward. The latest ProcessPilot version supports backward compatibility with previous versions using import and export features allowing the operator to resume production in a timely manner.

Is recipe editing possible during an ongoing process?

You can edit recipes at any time. Simply pause the process and make the necessary modifications. After you have finished editing, run the recipe again and production will continue where it had stopped.

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